Beautic® Skin Theraphy Handset

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Get Smooth Skin At Home Without The Expensive Treatments!

Beautic® Skin Theraphy Handset is a non-invasive, pain-free way to treat and combat ageing, wrinkles and acne.

It uses electrotherapy to stimulate your tissues without causing injury to the dermis The amount of electricity delivered is safe and it matches the body's own natural current and works in harmony with the body.

You can now treat your skin with the same electrotherapy products used by spas, and clinics in the comfort of your own home!

The first high-frequency appliance was developed in the late 1800's by renowned scientist Nikola Tesla and was referred to as the Violet Ray. 

How Does Electrotherapy work?

When the tempered glass is mixed with the air outside of the electrode, and the skin touches the electric current, it infuses the skin with rejuvenating oxygen molecules and a therapeutic zapping or tingling sensation is experienced. Your muscles will alternate from contraction and expansion to make the process effective.

Beautic® Skin Theraphy Handset comes with four interchangeable heads

  1. Tounge - helps with contouring skin
  2. Comb -  Stimulates hair growth
  3. Bend - Use on specific areas such as spots
  4. Mushroom - Use as your general wide area treatment


Benefits of Electrotherapy treatments

Electrotherapy facial treatment has a wide range of positive benefits. It can postpone early signs of ageing, improve the appearance of the skin and erase minor sun damage, scarring and pigmentation.

It helps tone and tighten the muscles over a short period of time and also prevents wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin from forming.

    Beautic® Total Facial and Skin kit is ideal for rejuvenating skin or healing problem areas on the face or other body regions. Some report that routine treatments also help reduce the appearance of unsightly scars. 

    ✅Remove spot
    ✅Heal skin scars
    ✅Enhance blood circulation
    ✅Improve lymph activity
    ✅Help skin nutrition
    ✅Strengthen cell metabolism
    ✅Improve secretion and PH value
    ✅Diminish inflammation
    ✅Sterilize bacteria
    ✅Accelerate healing of wounds
    ✅Reduce visible skin pores

    How To Use It:

    1. Thoroughly wash and dry your face, and apply your serum. Use epidermal growth factors because growth factors speed up healing.

    2. Cut a small piece of gauze, and place it on your face.

    3. Insert the electrode into the wand, place over the gauze, and turn it on.

    4. Turn the dial up on the wand until you feel a slight tingling sensation. You should feel it, but it should not be painful. (Do not crank it on too high, as it will dry out the acne)

    5. Move the wand over the acne lesion in circular motions, for around 3-5 minutes. If needed tap the tip of the wand to get a ‘spark’ and place on your skin, then move in a circular motion.

    6. Once done, finish by applying your moisturizer.

    Package Includes
    1 x Main machine
    1 x Electrode Glass Tube (Comb Tube, Tongue Tube, Mushroom Tobe, Bend Tube)
    1 x User Instructions